Board of Trustees 2021 – 2022

The following is a list of the current Board of Trustees for the NMDHA. NMDHA represents the interests of over 1,300 dental hygienists in New Mexico. This board is elected in the fall of each year and serves a one-year term in most offices. The position of Secretary, Treasurer, and Delegate is a two-year commitment.

The Councils are appointed or re-appointed by the current President. If you are interested in serving your profession, please contact the current President. We are always happy to see new faces and get input on keeping our profession at the forefront of oral healthcare in New Mexico.

Questions or comments for any Board member can be directed to the President, who will forward your email to the intended Board member.


President Jaimie Meihaus
Immediate Past-president Kayla Gallegos
Vice-president Andrew Margarit
Secretary Marcella Naranjo
Treasurer Lexy Maurer
President Elect

Christie Baca


Delegate Chair Cindy Vigil
Delegate Janaya Bunker
Alternate Delegate Jaimie Meihaus


High Desert Cathy Sovereign
Southern Jody Doyle
Tres Rios Valoree Althoff
ADHA District IX Director Joanna Allaire

Council Chairs

Administration Jaimie Meihaus
Education and Research Kayla Gallegos
General Membership Meetings Mary Kaye Vigil
Member Services Justine Ponce
Public Relations Cindy Vigil
Regulation and Practice Barbara Posler
Nominating Committee Kayla Gallegos

General Membership Meetings Committee

Committee Member Vacant

Regulation & Practice Committee 

Committee Member Kelly Valdez-Ayres
Committee Member Cathy Sovereign

Nominating Committee 

Committee Member vacant
Committee Member vacant
Committee Member vacant

PR Committee Members

Newsletter/E-news Kelly Valdez-Ayres
Social Media Manager Cindy Vigil
Website Manager Cindy Vigil
Committee Member vacant

Member Services Committee

Committee Member Barbara Poser
Committee Member vacant


HYPAC Chair Christie Baca-Garcia
HYPAC Treasurer Valoree Althoff
HYPAC Director Sandy Johnston
HYPAC Director Kelly Valdez-Ayres
HYPAC Director vacant
NMDHA ADHA IOH Liaison Kelly Valdez-Ayres
Parliamentarian Barbara Posler
Volunteer Coordinator Kitty Rivera

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Mission Statement

To represent dental hygienists in continuing to improve the oral health of our community by being innovative in increasing access to quality oral healthcare.

Vision Statement

To elevate the dental hygiene profession by promoting education, expanding the opportunities for practice, and enhancing access to quality oral healthcare.

Our Goals

  • Serve as the recognized authority for the profession of dental hygiene
  • Promote consumer advocacy in oral health care as part of total health
  • Achieve autonomy of dental hygiene education, licensure and practice


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