NMDHA Member Benefits

  • Voting privileges at the general membership meetings
  • Eligibility to serve on the NMDHA Board or councils
  • Continuing education courses at substantially reduced fees
  • Membership in the U.S. New Mexico Federal Credit Union. For more information visit or contact
  • Pride of being involved in an active organization that benefits the public and your profession

Tangible ADHA Member Benefits

  • Complimentary subscriptions to Journal of Dental Hygiene and Access
  • Automatic membership in your state (constituent) and local (component) organizations
  • Discount on continuing education
  • Access to the Members' section of ADHA's website
  • 24-hour access to the Employment Opportunities Center
  • Opportunities to apply for scholarships and research grants through the ADHA Institute for Oral Health
  • Opportunity to apply for professional liability, disability, auto and major medical and prescription insurance
  • Opportunity to apply for the ADHA credit card and/or mileage program
  • Discounted hotel, rental car, and moving company rates
  • Factory discount pricing program
  • Discount/rebates on cell phones via Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and Alltel
  • Free CE Tracker

Intangible ADHA Member Benefits

  • Legislative and Regulatory Activity
  • Professional Development
  • Outstanding Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Recognition and Leadership Opportunities
  • Community Contributions
  • Research and Theory Development
  • Friendships that can last a lifetime