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Get ready for Dental Care Month and Oral Health Month!

(Posted: 04/30/2022)
Alison Logee, a Canadian dental hygienist and owner of Dental Hygiene Wellness Center in St-Eugène has combined a love of nature and her work as a dental hygienist into children’s books, written to both entertain children and teach them proper oral hygiene as well as the importance of overall health.
Alison has written 2 children’s picture books (3-7 yrs.) and plans on creating a full series called The Chelsea Squirrel Series.
The first two books, The Treetop Tooth Shop and Chelsea's Flossome Friend, are currently being sold on Alison’s website
See website for details.
Alison says the books are fun adventure stories that inspire children to pick up their toothbrush at an early age and to create a positive relationship with their dental hygienist.
The stories are written in rhyme and are based on true-to-life characters. You can read about these characters in Alison’s very touching story found on her website Here, Alison describes how a tiny squirrel and a mouse that she cared for, inspired 2 of the characters in the book.
Order now for May, Dental Care Month and June, Oral Health Month:
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NMDHA Shines The Light on Professor Demetra Logothetis!

(Posted: 04/19/2022)

At the ADHA Annual Conference in June, Demetra Logothetis RDH, MS will be presented with the Johnson & Johnson Award for Excellence in Dental Hygiene.  This award honors two Dental Hygienists who have active involvement within ADHA and its constituents.  As a recipient of this award, one must exhibit evidence of leadership and passion to advance the profession, with incorporation of any and/or all roles of Dental Hygiene and have a simple impact on the practice and future of the profession.  Read on to learn of the enormous impact Demetria Logothetis has had on the practice and future of the profession of dental hygiene in New Mexico!


Demetra Logothetis is Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Department of Dental Medicine.  Professor Logothetis received her Bachelors in Dental Hygiene from UNM and her Masters in Dental Hygiene from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Professor Logothetis joined the faculty at UNM in 1986 and became the Director of the Dental Hygiene Program in 1996 where she served as director for 16 years.  Shortly after Professor Logothetis accepted the Program Director position, the program was slated for closure.  Under her leadership, the program was saved from closure.  Due to her outstanding leadership, the program flourished and became an educational and clinical program of excellence, with a multitude of programs.


During her tenure at UNM, Demetria successfully led the effort to elevate the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene program to an  entry-level Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program.  She also co-developed and implemented a Master of Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene at UNM!


Professor Logothetis has published several articles in various dental journals and has written and published five dental hygiene textbooks: Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist (3 editions), Elsevier Publishing; SUCCESS in Dental Hygiene, Pearson Publishing; and High Yield Facts in Dental Hygiene, Pearson Publishing.  She served as editor for many dental hygiene publications and has brought in over 2 million dollars in grants and contracts to the UNM Dental Hygiene Program.


Professor Logothetis received the University of Missouri-Kansas City Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award, the Roy J. Reinhart Professional Excellence and Service Award from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, the University of New Mexico Dental Hygiene Alumnus of the Year Award, the UNM School of Medicine Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, and the UNM School of Medicine Curricular Leadership Award.


Professor Logothetis has served as Chair of the Council of Allied Dental Hygiene Program Directors for the American Dental Education Association as well as President of Sigma Phi Alpha, the National Dental Hygiene Honor Society.  She served on the WREB Clinical Dental Hygiene and Local Anesthesia Committees and several other local and national committees.  Professor Logothetis worked on the Task Force to develop legislation in New Mexico for Collaborative Practice for Dental Hygienists and received a special recognition award from the New Mexico Dental Hygienists’ Association for her dedication to her work on dental hygiene legislation. 

Professor Logothetis has a history of advancing the art and science of dental hygiene and motivating students to do the same.  Through her leadership and example, she has had a powerful impact on  the practice of dental hygiene in New Mexico.  Professor Logothetis is a shining star in the field of dental hygiene and rightfully deserves to be recognized by ADHA as they bestow upon her the Award for Excellence in Dental Hygiene!

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Mission of Mercy Sept. 2022 - San Juan County

(Posted: 03/12/2022)
Volunteer Registration opens April 5 for New Mexico Mission of Mercy (MOM) in San Juan County to be held on September 23-24, 2022 at McGee Park.
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Flower Power Fundraiser

(Posted: 01/27/2022)
NMDHA's Flower Power fundraiser is back with summer bulbs, flower seeds and edibles!
Flower Power guarantees their products!
Click/tap on the link below to support NMDHA and the profession of dental hygiene.
Fundraiser closes May 15, 2022
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Oral Health in America: Advances & Challenges

(Posted: 12/22/2021)

December 21, 2021

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), released the anticipated "Oral Health in America: Advances and Challenges." This is only the 2nd comprehensive document on this topic and the first in 20+ years! Several dental hygienists contributed to the report including ADHA CEO Ann Battrell, MSDH, as a scientific reviewer. ADHA members who were contributing authors include: Cynthia C. Amyot, RDH, EdE; Christine M. Blue, BSDH, MS, DHSc; Sharon Clough, RDH, MS Ed; Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH; Christine Farrell, RDH BSDH, MPA; Hannah Maxey, PhD, MPH, RDH; and Cheryl Westphal Theile, RDH, EdD. Look for highlights from the report in coming weeks. Meantime, find the Executive Summary at:

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NMDHA Donations/Payments

(Posted: 05/28/2019)

Click below to donate or make payments to NMDHA!