New Mexico Dental Hygienists' Association

35th Annual Scientific Session and General Membership Meeting

Together We Are Unstoppable

October 27/28, 2023

  Friday, October 27, 2023

7:30 - 8:15

Check in, Breakfast, Exhibitors


8:15 - 8:30

Welcome from NMDHA President Jaimie Meihaus 


8:30 - 10:30

Track 1

Local Anesthesia in Dental Hygiene Practice: New and in Review 

This course will review the phamacology of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors, medical history evaluation, dosing of loca anesthetics, anatomica structures, avigational approaches necessary to troubleshoot injection progems, and a review of local and systemic coplications related to the administration of loca anesthetics.



Demetra Logothetis

Demetra Logothetis, RDH, MS is Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico, Dept. of Dental Medicine. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, KS, she joined the faculty at the University of New Mexico in 1986, and became the Director of the Dental Hygiene Program in 1996, serving as director for 16 years.

During her tenure at UNM, she has successfully led the effort at UNM to elevate the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene program to an entry-level Bachelor degree program.  She also was responsible for co-developing a Master of Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene at UNM.

Professor Logothetis has published several articles in various dental journals and has written and published five dental hygiene textbooks, including Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist (3 editions), Elsevier Publishing.


Over the years, she has received many prestigious awards from her alma mater, ADHA, and UNM. In addition, she has served in leadership positions on many local and national boards and committees. She currently is teaching part-time at UNM and teaches local anesthesia certification courses across the country.

8:30 - 10:30

Track 2 - Student Session

Effective Communication & Perfect Patient Experience

Sponsored by Pacific Dental

Problem solve several challenging, yet common patiet scenarios in the office.  Interactive breakout sessions will work through several patient case studies.

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Angela Martin, RDH
Angela's bio here.

10:00 - 11:00

Break and Exhibitors  

 11:00 - 12:00

Nanotechnology: The Journey of a Masters in Dental Hygiene and Beyond

Researching products for clinical use is common for dental hygienists.  Suggesting and promoting products that are both saf and effective for our patients is important when considering recommendations.  Jennifer will discuss research opportunities specifically for dental hygiene professionals that should eventually expand terminal degree options for dental hygiene colleagues.

Jennifer Carranza, BSDH, MSDH, DA, EFDA

Jennifer Carranza is the lead researcher for the Bio Nano Group, Center for High Tech Materials, researching nanotechnology for application in dental sciences.  She is a UNM graduate, works in private practice and is an adjunct faculty at CNM, dental assisting program.


  12:00 - 1:30

Lunch:  Awards - Exhibits Open

1:30 - 3:30

Taking Dental Hygiene to the Next Level

This session will discuss easy to implement strategies to ignite your earning potential, improve patient health outcomes, and increase overall job satisfaction.  If you're new to dental hygiene or a seasoned hygienist, the topics in this session will give you the tools to transform your career.

Lindsey Lee, RDH, MS, LPN 

Practice Manager for Precision Dental Care and Precision Facial and Body Aesthetics 

Lindsey Lee has worked in dentistry for over 20 years in almost every facet of the profession.  In addition to dental hygiene, she has worked as a dental assistant, front office manager, dental hygiene educator, and practice manager.  Currently, M. Lee manages two dental practices and a medical aesthetics clinic while acting as their lead nurse in each facility.  Ms. Lee has always had a passion for teaching as well as helping clinical dental hygienists excel in their profession.  Ms. Lee has first-hand knowledge of what is necessary to create a happy, productive team, as well as a fulfilling dental hygiene career.  The strategies she uses every day in her office are easy to implement and have shown to improve job satisfaction, self advocacy, teamwork, earning potential, and patient care.

 3:30 - 4:30

Spanish for the Dental Professional

An overview of Spanish vocabulary and conversational pieces used to interact with our Spanish-speaking patients in a dental hygiene setting.

Laura López Jáuregui, DMD

Dr. Lopez was born and raised in México. She completed dental school at UAA in 2011. Following graduation she was accepted into the UAG School of Orthodontics, from which she graduated in 2014. 

During the course of her orthodontics studies, she met her husband, an international student from New Mexico who was studying medicine. After four years of dating, they married in 2015 and then moved to the US.

Once in the US, Dr. Lopez realized she left behind not only her country, family, friends, and her language, but also the profession she was so passionate about. Even after all the years of training and effort, she could not practice dentistry in the US. She did not let this get the best of her. She realized this was only part of the journey and with the thoughts of her parents saying, “It will not be easy, but we promise you it's not impossible”. She embraced the process to become a practicing dentist in The US. She started taking English as a second language classes in the mornings and evenings at the Santa Fe Community College while working as a dental assistant at La Familia, where the dentists help her with recommendation letters for dental school. 

In 2018, Dr. Lopez was accepted into an international program at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston Massachusetts where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree, Student Class of 2020.

Now she has come back to Santa Fe, NM where her husband owns his own Family Medicine practice,  and she is practicing dentistry of course at La Familia the place where she can give back to the community. 

 3:30 - 4:30

Educators' Meeting

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  4:30 - 6:30

Social: all registrants invited

Wind down and catch up with friends and colleagues after a day of learning! 

 Saturday, October 28, 2023

 8:00 - 8:30

 Breakfast, Exhibitors

8:30 - 10:00

Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is talking; do you know what systemic secrets it is revealing?  The tongue is a diagnostic source of systemic conditions.  Incorporating the Chinese Tongue Diagnosis/CTD with a comprehensive medical history, dental professionals can help their patients become advocated for their systemic Health while also improving their oral health.  

This course is an introduction to Chinese Tongue Diagnosis/CTD. Join Biologic Dental Hygienist Lani McBeth, in this content-rich course reviewing the tongue anatomy, discussing the history of the CTD and the map of the organ system as it relates to tongue anatomy and the essential steps used in a comprehensive Chinese Tongue exam. Attendees will leave with renewed insight into the oral-systemic connection and the significant role

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Lani McBeth is a Prevention Strategist, Clinician, Speaker, Author, and CEO of OWL: The Oral Wellness Link. She attended The University of Northern Arizona and received her BS in Dental Hygiene and her license as an Expanded Functions Dental Hygienist. Advanced learning has driven her to pursue education in business development, medical/dental coding, holistic/biologic dentistry, and nutrition. In her educational pursuits, she has found a balance in using Western and Eastern Medicine when working to find the oral-systemic link. She has received many honors including the Hygienist of the Year in Arizona and the 2023 Sunstar Award of Distinction
Recipient as a Full Time Clinician.

 10:00 - 10:30

Break and Exhibitors

 10:30 - 12:00

  Oral Cancer Screening: it's More than Grasping the Tongue

The consequences of an incomplete Oral Cancer Screening, delayed referrals and inadequate documentation can result in an increased risk of liability, delayed diagnosis, and worst-case scenario a life lost. Join Susan to discuss the etiologies, additional risk factors, the signs and symptoms associated with oral and oropharyngeal cancer, and components of a comprehensive visual and tactile, extraoral, and intraoral evaluation, including the oropharyngeal evaluation. 


 Susan Cotten, BSDH, RDH, OMT

Susan Cotten is the founder and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting.  She developed the "Cotten Method", a dental oral cancer office system and method of screening.  Susan works with dental hygienists and dentists to increase their confidence in screening, reduce the risk of liability, and increase early detection.  Susan is the Dental Workforce Lead for the Alliance for HPV Free Colorado, an RDH Advisory Boar member with the Oral Cancer Foundation, and a 2018 Sunstar RDH Award of Distinction recipient.  She has organized countless free oral cancer screening events.  On a personal note, she loves watching college football, walking the beaches of Hawaii, and is a former country dance compitor.


 12:00 - 1:00 

 Lunch - Raffle - Exhibits Open 

 1:00 - 2:30

 Meeting, Elections, & Installation 

 2:30 - 4:30

 "Oral Cancer" continued

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Jaimie Meihaus

NMDHA, President

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